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Permanent Recruitment

Recruitment & Selection Services

Within our permanent recruitment division, we do our utmost to fully understand what the customer is actually looking for. Besides functional and technical requirements, it is important for us to empathize with the specific company culture, in order to present those candidates who aren’t just a match with the job description, but also with the unique client ethos.

We not only source our candidates through the common online job boards but we also focus on a proactive approach by targetting the latent job seekers through our database, social recruitment and headhunting techniques.

For Bizztalent the recruitment process doesn’t simply end at the employment contract signature. With our onboarding services, we support companies within the first months after the candidate’s start date, in order to improve the career development.

Bizztalent Quality Approach

1 | Intake | functional & technical requirements | company culture
2 | Advertisement | website | job boards | linkedin | print
3 | Search | headhunting | database search | job boards | networking events
4 | Screening | telephone screening | face-to-face competency based interview | references
5 | Presentation | curriculum vitae | candidate report
6 | Guidance | interview set-up | briefings | debriefings
7 | Offer | proposal | negotiation | signature
8 | Onboarding Services | periodical follow-up | assessments